NYC Marathon WEEK

NYC Marathon Info for Achilles International Athletes

All participants must pick up their race materials at the Expo: Javits Center, 11th Avenue at 35th Street. Bring a printout of your confirmation and a photo ID to get in.

  • Thursday, Oct. 31 from 10 am to 8 pm

  • Friday, Nov. 1 from 10 am to 8 pm - Awards Dinner starts at 6 pm

  • Saturday, Nov. 2 from 9 am to 5 pm

After obtaining your bib from the AWD* booth, stop by the Achilles International Booth and obtain an Achilles t-shirt which you are required to wear as an outer layer during the marathon.

* Athlete With Disability

Friday, Nov. 1

All chapter leaders are invited to attend the Achilles Chapter Workshop at The Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 7th Avenue between West 32 and 33 Streets at 4:30 pm on Friday, Nov. 1.

Achilles Awards Dinner* sponsored by GM Military Discount
Friday, Nov. 1
6 pm to 9 pm
The Hotel Pennsylvania
401 7th Avenue between West 32nd and 33rd Sts.

Penn Top Ballroom, 18th floor
This dinner is for all Achilles athletes participating in the 2018 TCS NYC Marathon, their Guides and Marathon Charity Entrants.  Suggested donation of $40 for each guest that is not an official athlete or guide - donate online.

Saturday, Nov. 2

New York City Chapter Workout
10 am - Gather inside Central Park's entrance at East 90th Street and Fifth Avenue at 10:15 am. We will pair ambulatory athletes and volunteer guides for a short run around the park.

11:30 am to 2 pm - Handcycle Tuneup and loading of handcycles and racing chairs (pushrim & duos) for transportation to the start.  Meet on East 36th St, between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue (SW corner of Park Ave). Your ride will be tagged and loaded into trucks which will delivered to a safe, protected location in the Start Village on Staten Island.

Marathon Day!  Sunday, Nov. 3  - get on the bus!
west side of Fifth Avenue, 37th to 39th Streets

  • EQUIPMENT: All handcycles that missed yesterday's tune-up and transport option will be loaded at 4 am. If you arrive thereafter, the condition of your equipment cannot be assured.

  • We begin loading people at 4:30 am. Early start athletes and handcycle and wheelchair competitors must be on the first buses out.

  • HANDCYCLE & PUSHRIM WHEELCHAIR COMPETITORS & YOUR GUIDES: The buses await you on Fifth Avenue between W 37th and W 38th Streets - in front of CVS & Reebok.

  • AMBULATORY ATHLETES (Runners, Walkers) & YOUR GUIDES: Your buses are on Fifth Avenue between W 38th and W 39th Street - in front of Lord & Taylor.

  • LAST BUS with Ambulatory Disabled athletes LEAVES AT 6 am SHARP!!!

  • Have a plan for finding your Guide/Athlete marathon morning.

  • Wheelers: Your day chair can be checked as baggage. Have it labeled properly before loading onto the bus. Make sure removable accessories (cushions, backrests, etc.) are secured to the day chair so they are not lost in transport. Day chairs, baggage and other equipment will be brought to the post-finish reunion area by Achilles volunteers and staff.

  • Have your baggage labeled properly and do not put valuables such as cell phones, passports, keys, currency, etc., into baggage check.

  • Each athlete/guide should carry a phone and know the numbers of their guides/athlete and an emergency contact.

  • Staten Island Start Area is located in the Green Village.

  • After you cross the Finish Line, move to the left and look for our exit! Show your Achilles T-shirt so we don't let you pass us by.

  • Achilles Athletes With Disabilities Family Reunion is located on W 72nd Street, outside park, across Central Park West.

  • You may have a friend or family member meet you there. They must pick up a wristband for entrance to the area. * If they are tracking you, please note: it can take 30 to 90 minutes for you to get to the Reunion area after crossing the finish line. *

  • Wheelers: Achilles volunteers in the Reunion Area will accept your handcycle for transport to the Hotel Pennsylvania by 3 pm. You must be present at 3 pm at the Hotel Pennsylvania to accept the handcycle or it will be left with the hotel staff.

  • Know your hotel and its location for post-race return.

  • If you can walk, the subway is the fastest way to return to your hotel or home.

  • Limited van service (first-come, first served) is available from the W 72 St Reunion Area to W 33 St and 8 Avenue. The wait for a ride can be long, so be prepared to wait, take a taxi, or mass transit.

  • Local athletes: Please have a friend meet you to see you home.

For those of you who are driving into NYC, here is a great link for parking garage research. If you want to park near the end of the marathon for a quick getaway, the neighborhood is West 70s and the cross streets are Central Park West and 72nd St. Parking reservations are recommended.