A Two-Way Street

Volunteers are an important part of the Achilles community and take on numerous roles, such as:

  • Helping disabled runners become familiar and proficient with special equipment

  • Participating in weekly or bi-weekly workouts

  • Providing guidance and running advice during races and marathon

  • Helping out with race-day logistics.

While their general role is to accompany disabled runners during the course of a workout or race, on any given day an Achilles volunteer will function as a member’s eyes, ears, guide, and motivator. But ask any Achilles volunteer why they do it, and you’ll hear the same answer, over and over: they get back as much as they give, and more.

"Walking as a volunteer with Achilles makes you a better person. The first time I walked with a visually impaired athlete, she was able to tell me about the areas we were walking by.  The birds and the open fields. I had the vision but missed what she heard. I have learned to take better notice of the beauty in everyday life. We learn that you can accomplish whatever you want, there are only different abilities — no disabilities — in life. "  — Achilles Volunteer

How to Volunteer

To become an Achilles volunteer you must complete a volunteer application form. Download the paper form below, complete it, and fax, mail or scan and send as an email attachment.

Achilles International
Volunteer Coordinator
42 West 38th Street, 4th Floor
NY, NY 10018

Phone: 212-354-0300 

fax: 212-354-3978
e-mail: ecox@achillesinternational.org

Achilles Volunteer Application Form

This form is a General Volunteer Form. It is NOT an application for the NYC Marathon. 

*NYC CHAPTER VOLUNTEERS! Please click here to find out about all the local Achilles workouts and events!

**INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING FOR ACHILLES KIDS? Achilles Kids LOVES our volunteers! Volunteers are truly the heart and soul of our program. To be a volunteer for our Achilles Kids weekend program, please sign up through NY Cares! If you would like more information, please email Karen.

Achilles Member and Volunteer Handbook