What Is Achilles

Achilles began as a track club for athletes with disabilities in 1983 by Dick Traum, the first amputee to run a marathon distance. Dick ran the NYC Marathon in 1976 and the sense of achievement he experienced was immeasurable. He realized that if he could provide this type of opportunity to others who are differently abled, it would be a force that could change lives. 

Often, those who are disabled have a difficult time making ends meet. To participate in mainstream athletic events, sponsorship is necessary and Achilles provides financial support. Achilles fosters a community of people who come together to run: able-bodied volunteers guide athletes who need assistance. Running together, we all achieve more! 

What Is Walk Awhile In My Shoes?

It is a social media campaign and challenge intended to build awareness of and compassion for people with disabilities. An Achilles athlete with a disability challenges a minimum of three people to walk or run a while safely simulating a physical challenge. 

How Do I Participate In Walk Awhile In My Shoes?

ACCEPT: Accept the challenge;
RECORD: Take a video or photo of yourself blindfolded to simulate blindness; in two drastically different shoes to simulate a prosthetic limb; crutching, hopping, handcycling or wheelchairing a distance that works for you;
UPLOAD: Upload your images to social media, tagging/challenging at least three of your friends;
GIVE: Make a donation to support Achilles.

Do I Have To Donate If I Take The Challenge?

No, by participating in WALK AWHILE IN MY SHOES you're already raising awareness of people with disabilities! Making a donation, however, will help us continue to support athletes with disabilities in mainstream running events. To participate is terrific, to donate is very terrific, to do both is the perfect combination! 

Do I Have To Wait to be Challenged?

No. We want everyone to be able to participate! One caveat: If you are an Achilles athlete with a disability you can initiate a challenge without accepting one. The rest of you able-bodied folks have to choose and complete a challenge first, then you can challenge others.

Where Do I Post My Images/Challenge Others?

You post to your personal Facebook page -- be sure to TAG your nominees and mention @awhileinmyshoes in your post.

Achilles International will receive a notification & share with www.facebook.com/awhileinmyshoes and other Facebook pages that make sense such as www.facebook.com/achillestrackclub and your chapters' Facebook page!

You can donate here! Or send a check payable to:
Achilles International
42 W. 38th St., Suite 400
New York NY 10018
(please put #walkawhile in the memo line)

What Are Your Hashtags?


How Long Do I Have Before I Forfeit?

You have 48 hours from the time you become aware of the nomination to post your video to social media or make a donation to Achilles International.

Thank you so much for making it to the end of this page.