Every year Achilles sponsors a number of member athletes with disabilities and Freedom Team members who participate in marathons and races. Based on the available racing slots for each event we provide a limited number of:

  • Full sponsorships, which include airfare, hotel, meals and race fees

  • Partial sponsorships, which include hotel and race fees

  • Limited Sponsorships, which include race fees

Team members who would like to participate in marathon events can contact their chapter leader or program director to find out what sponsorships are available. Some of the events the Freedom Team will participate in for 2019 include:

We would like to thank the corporate, individual and foundation sponsors who have been supporters of the Marathon Tour: General Motors (GM), U-HAUL, Cigna, Avis, US Olympic Committee, Residex, Bob Woodruff Foundation, CeLink, DRW Trading Group, Bulova Foundation, Bank of America, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, The Bodman Foundation, Dog Tag Brewing, Kane Lodge Foundation, Sidney Stern Memorial Trust, DAV Charitable Services Trust, DAV Industries, Greystone Outreach Legacy Foundation, Union League Club, Yankee Line Inc., Irene Ritter Foundation, Suffolk Construction, Kinray, Invacare, and the JM Foundation. We also wish to extend thanks to the police officers and firefighters across the country, corporations, and government agencies who volunteer their time during our weekend events.