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The Mentor: Dick Traum

Racing In The Warmth Of West Palm

Wheelchair Champion Makes a Habit of Winning

Globetrotter Marathon Program

West Palm Beaches Marathon

Victory Run For Wounded Soldier In NYC Marathon

Brazil Chapter: Mario Mello pg1

Brazil Chapter: Mario Mello pg2

Brazil Chapter: Mario Mello pg3

Anne V For Achilles International


Training For The Long Run

This Journey Began Before Starting Line

Marathon Bound War Vets Get Trump Tee-Time Salute

Ich Bekam Eine Zweite Chance

Back In The Saddle

Abeer Wheels Her Way To Marathon Glory

Atletas Ecuadorianos Discapacidados Destacaron en Maraton de Nueva York

Cuando la Fortaleza No Depende de una Decapacidad

50 Great Moments in NYRR History

Celebrating 20 Years of Challenges and Triumphs

Globetrotter Marathon Program: Poland Marathon

Kerry Kuck Runs Half Marathon

New York Athletes Cheer Olympic Ruling

Qualifier Steps Out of Office and Onto Track

Resumen En Los Deportes

Tammy Duckworth Completes Chicago Marathon

Pushing The Limit, A Fencer Is Heading To The Paralympics In A Wheelchair

Road Warrior


Strides That Make A Difference

Delivering A Future

A Running Start - Achilles in the NYC Marathon

Achilles Club Comes to Denver

Achilles Track Club Feature

Amputee Runners Meet the Challenge

Club Turns Blind Lawyer Into Marathon Man

NYRR Run NYC Marathon

Palm Beach Chapter Honors Achilles Track Club

Sister Mary Gladys Prepares for 25th NYC Marathon

The Terry Fox Story

They Just Want to Do Their Jobs

Training Day Trailblazer

Transplant Recipient Ready to Run


Achilles Freedom Team In Pictures

Free To Be Winner

Atletas con Discapacidad Listos Para Maraton

Achilles Track Club Lends a Hand for NYC Marathon

Bernstein Sets the Pace for Athletes With Disabilities

Chechen Amputees Give Hope During Run

David McCourt Stands Up for Veterans

Dick Traum Runs for the High of It

Run for Your Life

Marathon of the Palm Beaches Feature

Marine Set to Run Marathon

New York City Marathon 2006

Palm Beach Residents Raise $150,000 for Freedom Team

RHC Partners with Flying Pig Marathon

Wounded Warrior Weekend


How Far Does Hope Go? Five Miles Is A Good Start

Among The Finishers (Pg 1)

Among The Finishers (Pg 2)

She Takes Long Road To Marathon In NY

Leaving The Pain Behind

Amputee Veterans Accept Challenge of 26.2 Miles

Central Park Jogger Hope and Possibility Run

Dick Traum Encourages Disabled to be Active

Following in His Footsteps Terry Fox Remembered

Hungarian Firefighters Join NYC's Achilles Project

In Central Park Hope is Winner

Lance Benson Marathoner With a Mission

On Road to Recovery Veterans Get Lift From Sidewalks Of NY

Renzo Martinez Finishes Long Road To Marathon Victory

Run Support Orlando Gill

2005 Russian Article

Runners World Achilles Freedom Team

Survivor Goes The Distance


Cheers Help Amputee Finish Marathon Amid Severe Pain

Still Up And Running

An Enduring Will

Moving Toward The Finish, One Small Kick At A Time

Announcement of Second Hope And Possibility Race

Freedom Team

Keith Mann Finishes NYC Marathon

Marathon 2004 - Annual Race Is Moving Towards More Inclusion

Central Park Jogger Moves Feet and Hearts

Walter Reed Handcyclists Compete in NYC Marathon

Wheelchair Games 2004 - Fun For All


Central Park Jogger Runs Again

Jogger Is Back In Stride


A Marathon For Everyone In Brooklyn

Brazilian Wins Achilles In Rainy Prospect Park

Feature of Miro Legin


Negotiating Obstacles

5 Mile Walk Caps Teen's Uphill Journey

Disabled Show How They'd Run A Race

Achilles Athletes Summit Kilimanjaro

Artie Elefant Climbs Mt Kilimanjaro

Disabled Athletes Determined To Raise Bar

Don Supinski Dies Mary Bryant Carries On Legacy

Eddie Montanez Hoboken Blind Man Prepares To Climb Mountain

Edwin Montanez Story

Extraordinary Climbers

Journey of Achilles Athletes Up Kilimanjaro

Julius Wilson Climbs Kilimanjaro Blind

Julius Wilson Reaches Peak of Kilimanjaro

Photo Feature of Magnificent Seven Who Climbed Kilimanjaro


Disabled Marathoner Adds Finishing Touch

Beyond 246th Street Service To Community

Mung Prepares For Marathon

Spanish Article Discapacitados Van A Maraton

Zoe Koplowitz Completes 13th NYC Marathon


Racing The Darkness

Beyond Limits: Some NYC Marathoners Face Greater Challenges

Running For Her Life: Cancer Can't Stop Brave Marathoner


Model Runner Sets High Goal

These Marathoners Are Running For Lives

Go Team Lally!

Give Yourself The Winning Edge

Achilles Heals: Helping Handicapped Get A Leg Up

Disabled Man Determined To Do His 10th Comrades

Making Good Time, And Having A Good Time


Good Sports

Marathoner Beats Rain, Illness

A 1st For NYC Marathon

The 101st Marathon

Friendship Overcomes All

Achilles Track Club Presents Its Own Mosaic

Two Chairs For The Skalas!

The Two Sides Of Billy Smith: His Wheelchair And His Challenges


Able-Bodied Buddies

Marathon Marcia "Never Walks Alone"

Helping Hands

Marathon Walker Comes Back From Brain Injury

Achilles Kids Get Around


Pumped To Run With Running Pump

You Push; I'll Navigate

Between Races: Handicapped Rights

Sporting Chance For Disabled


AMAA Review: A Victory For Humanity

MS Survivor Proves Setbacks Are Never Permanent

Achilles New Zealand

No Loneliness For This Long Distance Runner

Runner Is Thrilled To See Potholes As Well As His Competitors

The Mettle Of Ketil

Pals Now, And For The Long Run

Sports Illustrated Photos

Dick And Andrea


Giant Steps

A Winning Spirit

Blood, Sweat And Cheers


The Human Race

Last But Not Least: Andrea's Story


Step Ahead


Race To The Finish

Blind Runner Coming Through!

Athletes In Every Sense Of The Word

How The Brain Recovers


Achilles Challenge

Hail Brittania!

Sport Review: Lech Walesa Cover Photo


In Memoriam: Patrick Griskus

His End Is In Sight

Andre Donegan Faces The Challenge

Breaking The "Can't Do" Barrier

Race Of The Painted Birds

Boulder Woman Amputee Finishes NY Marathon

Blind Runner


Dr. Dan The Marathon Man

Disabled Youths Learn To Run

At A Racers' Club, Speed Is Just One Of The Lessons Learned

Health and Fitness For Kids: Races, Games And Good Feelings

Sportowe Pasje Wnuczki Hemingway


Marathon Is Last Barrier For A Disabled Runner

Athletes Overcome Their Achilles' Heels


Marathon Challenges Disabled Runners


Surgery Doesn't Stop Marathoner

A Blistered Account of NYC Marathon

Achilles Track Club Runners Don't Believe in Weakness

An Indian Runner 86's the Empire State Building

B.E.A.S.T. - Griskus

Coler Athlete Runs the Marathon

Confidence Through Sports: Summer 1984

Diez Wins Lee Kanter Run

Griskus Finishes Run Up NY Skyscraper

Griskus Legs Out a Big Hit

Hail Our Conquering Hero

Handicapped Join In On Fitness Boom

Heroes for Today: Linda Down

His Marathon to be Against Blindness

Horizon: 1984

John Cruz and Richard Torrez: Listos

Linda Down: No Handicap too Great

Linda May Be Down But She's Not Out!

New York Marathon: 13 Start, 13 Finish

New York Running News: A Special Club

New York Running News: A Meeting with Reagan

New York Tribune: June 18, 1984

One Legged Runner

Rain Fails to Halt Helen Hayes 10K Classic

Rehabilitation World: An Interview with Linda Down

Runners World: The Marathon

Sitting Around Doing Nothing is Not for Them

The Day a City Becomes an Ironman

The Laurel Wreath Looks Good on You, Anna



The Man Who Inspired Terry

A Strong Debut

7 Disabled Runners Compete in Marathon

Achilles Track Club: New Yorkers Say Running is for Everybody

Courage Leads the Race

Dixon, Waitz y Cruz en Casa La Blanca

Dressing Up and Shelling Out: All For a Good Cause

Griskus, Cruz, Down, Traum, Davidson Star in Marathon

John Cruz un Corredor Diferente y Ejemplar

Last Runner But Not Least

Linda Down Talks About 1982 NYC Marathon

Marathon Hurdled New Peak on Horizon

National Masters News: Achilles Track Club

New York Outtakes: Achilles

On the Run With the Achilles Track Club

Runners World Exclusive: Linda Down

Running Times: Griskus

The Achilles Handicap: You Don't Have to be Disabled to Run It

The Achilles Heel: 1983

The Final Winner

The Runner Presents the Best of the New York City Marathon

They Can't Keep Linda Down

UNDP News: Turning the Corner

Wheelchairs, Crutches, Athletes


 Canada Article: Terry Fox

Disabled Join in the Benefits

Man Who Inspired Fox Joins In Metro Run

Metro Pours Out Its Love for Terry Fox

Positive Statement: Linda Down Conquers New York

Run Planners See Turnout of 100,000

Runners World: Terry Fox

Runners Disabled in Body but Not In Spirit


 Amputee Who Inspired Terry Fox To Run In Marathon of Hope

Dick Traum at Terry Fox Run

Global News: Terry Fox Run

Running and Fitness: Achilles Team

The Value of Facing a Challenge: Terry Fox


 Terry Fox Attempted to Carry Hope Across Canada